Green Star Solar (pvt) ltd is located at Danktuwa and it was created to meet the requirements of the renewable energy industry where missing links were identified within the Sri Lankan market. The philosophy behind the company is to provide smart solar solutions and quality products for the solar industry. Software development, technical support and new products are always at the forefront of the company development.

Product and Service 

Green Star Products have the capabilities and expertise of staff to provide technical support for the product ranges on offer when utilized in projects of varying sizes. With a dedicated team, all with a keen interest in the renewable sector, makes the company philosophy achievable and encourages them to continually look for advancements for the solar industry.

Customer satisfaction and Pricing 

Green Star Solar is committed to building customer loyalty by doing what we say we will do. We believe the satisfaction of our customers is the best measure of our success.

Our Guarantee to you

Green Star Solutions warrants all parts and labor not covered by Manufacturers Warranties for the first 10 years of your installed system. Not only do we meet or exceed Code, we will be there to answer questions and to assist in understanding the integration of your new system.

Relationships with end users are important to us and to you, the end users. In the event of a product failure, these relationships are advantageous in backing up the product choice and keeping our prices competitive while maintaining the highest standards in installation.

The Manufacturers’ Warranties

Solar PV System

  • Modules are warranted to produce 80% of original power @ year 30
  • On Grid Inverters are warranted for 10 years with extended warranties often offered
  • All other Parts are covered by our 10 years warranty.

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